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Here you will find a selection of common questions or problems for which I can offer you my coaching:

  • How do I find the right doctoral program?

  • How do I find the course that best suits me?

  • Is an online/part-time/state/regional/international or paid degree more suitable for me?

  • As a working person, how can I find a supervisor or write a dissertation?

  • I was exmatriculated but would now like to continue studying.

  • I "only" have a bachelor's degree or a diploma, but I would like to do a doctorate.

  • How do I find a suitable topic for my thesis?

  • How can I evaluate several courses that I have selected?

  • How do I find a suitable supervisor for my thesis?

  • Where can I find a good editor?

  • How can I change a major?

  • How can I better reconcile everyday work and studies?

I would be happy to discuss these and many other questions with you in a personal conversation. The consultation can take place via WhatsApp, Skype, Cisco Webex, Teams or Zoom.

Costs incl. VAT: One-off consulting fee, depending on the topic (diploma € 299 - doctorate € 599). The preliminary telephone consultation is for free!

No ghost writing. No dealing in titles like Dr. hc., Prof. hc. etc.!

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