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1st option - Doctoral Degree

PhD, Dr and DBA

I'm offering a professional consulting, focused on your individual needs. In cooperation with various universities (in Europe) you can complete a doctoral degree. All programs are based on online media and last between 0.5-3 years. The prerequisite for this is a Diploma, Bachelor or Master. Depending on the location of the university in Europe and your qualifications, the costs vary between 4,000 -25,000 €, which are payable directly to the respective university.

Advantages of the programs:

  • Fixed costs.

  • Possibly very fast completion.

  • Focus on working people.

  • No mandatory attendance.


Costs for the evaluation and placement into your individual program including VAT once € 599. No more fees. Payable via PayPal. The preliminary consultation via phone is for free.

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